Spiritual Energy Healing


 As our personalities develop we inevitably lose touch with our deeper nature and patterns of tension and holding manifest which limit our freedom and over time create the conditions for physical, psychological and spiritual dis-ease. Intuitive energy healing is an ancient process in which the laying-on-of-hands opens and restores the natural flow of energy, re-establishing balance and well-being to the body, mind and soul.

People have sought out intuitive energy healers for centuries for concerns such as:

  • Re-establish grounding, balance and overall energetic health
  • Well-being resulting from the discharge of accumulated stress and tension
  • Support for healing related to chronic and terminal illnesses
  • Healing of physical and/or emotional trauma
  • Dealing with issues of grief and loss
  • Rehabilitation from accidents and injuries

This work can also support other medical and psychological healing work which the client may be doing, allowing them to establish deeper contact with their underlying health, wisdom and basic trust.

A typical session, including consultation is 60 minutes. Don takes time to carefully listen to each client and inquire into the underlying issues. He then begins with a short prayer to open to the energy and create the intention for the healing.